About Us DuCaR Sprinklers

DuCaR Sprinklers is a registered brand name of Yüzüak Makina. As at 2014, Yüzüak Makina supplies equipment to 120 domestic sales points, and exports nearly to 15 countries.

The brand name of DuCaR Sprinklers will be the new international image of Yüzüak Makina. DuCaR Sprinklers includes Dust Suppressing and Sprinkler Guns. The brand name, DuCaR Sprinklers has been designed as a name easy to spell and remember.

DuCaR Sprinklers is currently available in Australia, India, South Africa, Greece, Spain, USA, Mexico, Brasil, Venezuella, Algeria, and Thailand.

Ducar Sprinklers has a wide range of products including small sprinkler guns with breakers, and various types of equipment in various sizes used in large irrigation systems, dust suppressors, waste water systems, and humidification systems.

Ducar Sprinklers are manufactured under the guidance of Yuzuak Makina’s 33-year experience by our team of experts using designing and manufacturing software, and the latest technology available in 2014. The company is focused on the world market. Our first objective is ensuring customer satisfaction by improving the efficiency of irrigation systems for our customers.

The population of the world increases gradually and thus, the need for food will increase. In order to produce more food, the productivity of farming lands must be improved. The simplest and the most cost efficient way of improving the productivity of farming lands is carrying out irrigation activities scientifically. Scientific irrigation systems will gain more importance in the coming years as the global warming keeps threatening.